Through our learning’s we have consolidated our initiatives.

iReprezent Social Impact Initiatives (iRep)

The iReprezent name was developed by our iReprezent Managing Director in 2010.

 The ‘i’ symbolises the importance of an individual’s cultural identity.  This is an important element for young people to embrace and represent this as we understand this as an important part of their educational, career and personal journey.

Identity Workshops – a series of workshops delivered in secondary schools.  Its main objective is to build resilience in young people, looking at self, culture heritage and where they fit in the wider community.

Culture Fest – is annual secondary school festival that provides a positive platform for young people to express themselves through their cultural heritage.  This performance based event addresses social inclusion of breaking down any existing barriers between schools, ethnicities, religions, police and young people.

Millennial Community Leaders – provides an opportunity for millennials (ages 18 -33) to volunteer to not only contribute back to the school and wider community but the growth of the Organisation.  They receive on the job training, mentoring and the opportunity to assist in planning, delivering and evaluating our initiatives which includes taking lead in social media ventures.

 The Switch – consist of innovative activities to empower young people through showcasing positive role models from various cultural backgrounds and/or peer mentoring.