Spark It Up! Inc is a volunteer group who has a core governing body.

Our Core Team

  • CEO – founder
  • Finance Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • iReprezent Managing Director

Our core team is the decision-making body of Spark It Up! Inc it is responsible for governance and management and assumes the company’s fiduciary and legal obligations as an Incorporated Body.

It comprises of four individuals from the social and finance sector, one founder, two original working group members and one from finance who joined our team as a partial team member. 

Our Board is currently in development and will be achieve when we reach Phase 4 of our Strategic Plan.  This team will represent a diverse group of individuals with varied industry backgrounds and experience who will facilitate consultancy and advice.

Our iReprezent Social Impact Operation Team

This team consists of up to 20 members representing young people (millennials), service provider’s and volunteers who meet frequently to deliver our iReprezent Social Impact Initiatives.  Our team brings a range of skills, knowledge, professional networks and passion to deliver our initiatives. This team also includes a wider group of volunteers who assist in larger events such as our annual Culture Festival.

The team also provides an important function to our sustainability model by keeping Spark It Up! Inc modern and relevant to influence our young people.

The iReprezent Managing Director who is supported by our Administration Manager provides feedback, ideas and raises challenges to core meetings for discussion, strategic planning and decision making.