Spark It Up! Inc encompasses the United Nations (UN) and the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) Crime Prevention Framework.  

(United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)Handbook on Crime Prevention Guidelines: Making Them Work, 2010, pg. 2)

Figure 1 (above) illustrates the multifaceted nature of the factors influencing crime and violence.   Spark It Up! Inc has determined cultural identity as a key factor affecting an individual and has developed a set of initiatives to strengthen the foundation of young people‚Äôs identity. It models the following key principles recognised by both the UN and AIC as principles of best practice in crime prevention policy and practice from Australia and overseas:

Principals for Good Practice

  • Promoting an active and engaged community, and being responsive to the diversity and changing nature of communities.

  Key Approach to Preventing Crime:

  • Strengthening communities by addressing social exclusion and promoting community cohesiveness.

Key Features of Effective Strategies in Preventing Crime:

  • Community Engagement.

Priority Areas:

  • Improving the safety of young people
  • Inclusive and engage young people in the development and implement of interventions wherever possible;
  • Support by effective interagency collaboration between stakeholders such as police, youth workers, service providers, community groups and young people;
  • Consistent with developmental approaches to crime prevention and intervene early and at key transition points to target both risk and protective factors to generate long term, sustainable reduction of offending behaviour;
  • Building trust and encompassing positive interactions between young people and police, particularly within those community, where there maybe mistrust, suspicion or a lack of respect for police.
(National Crime Prevention Framework, prepared by the Australian Institute of Criminology on behalf of the ANZCO SSOG,  pg 5-8, 12)